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Journaling the Journey

Stella Events Bridal Session

November 19, 2022

We recently pulled off the most epic duel bridal session at Stella Events and did it without Casey and Loren seeing each other! It was pretty epic!

Before I get into the actual session let me set the scene for what took place before. My daughter was with me to assist this day because she had a half day from school. I got us both ready and I had given myself plenty of time to leave according to Waze but I didn’t realize there was a ferry involved until after I got on the road. As luck has it, it costed $1 to get across the Mississippi River on the ferry out of Belle Chasse and I had no cash except $0.73 change in my car. Not to mention I had no clue what times the ferry actually arrived and departed the dock. A MESS! I was freaking out and Kerrington kept telling me it would be okay.

I don’t think I have ever felt more poorly planned than this day. Luckily, my best friend lived off the route so I hurried and grabbed a dollar from her then made it to the dock at 4:56pm…the last ferry left at 5:00pm. Talk about sweating bullets! I was in constant contact with Casey and I was just really scared that I would miss this ferry and then have to drive into and around the city to get there, which would have taken an extra 40 minutes and we didn’t have that kind of time for me to be late. Hello sun chaser!

I still can’t believe I pulled it off and made it to Stella Events in time for their bridal session. Let’s just say from now on if I am not sure of where I am headed I will be sure to check the route for ferries, trains, planes etc from now on!

The reason they chose Stella Events for their Bridal Session is because this venue is where they originally wanted their wedding to be, but logistically couldn’t. Um, hello remember the ringer I went through to get there haha. This bridal session was super unique and special because Casey and Loren were both taking portraits there at the same time but didn’t want to see each other before their wedding. Luckily Stella Events has a house with two separate suites in it which made it pretty easy to navigate the timing for each of their photographs. After they both took photographs, I had the bright idea to take some photos of them together without them looking at each other and they agreed! I knew they had the willpower not to peek at each other while I was posing them etc.

We ended up getting true magic and both of their personalities shined epically during their session. Once they were together I could see and feel the big exhale moment and all the nerves fade away because they were in each other’s arms. I cannot wait to blog about their wedding because it was the most beautiful yet frigid November day but all the love kept us warm.

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Venue: Stella Events and Adventures

Hair/Makeup: Glam on Location New Orleans

Florist: Petals and Stems Florist Slidell

Wedding Gown: The Wedding Collection Bay St. Louis

New Orleans Bridal Session
New Orleans Bridal Session