- lauryn hill

"How you gonna win when you ain't right within?"

Y'all! If you would have told me when I first started in 2012 that I would have two employees, I would have laughed at you. Now, not only do I have a team, but I found the best TWO teammates a girl could ask for. They are determined, kind hearted while remaining honest, and overall make my job easier and my life more full. I don't know where I would be without these two!
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the Team



I started this business in 2011 after my husband and I's one year anniversary trip to Napa Valley. We got married on the beach in 2010 and it was a beautiful ceremony, but I didn't take my time with planning at all. I just wanted to marry Matthew, that was it. The downfall to that was that our photographs from our wedding suffered and it is something I regret to this day. I made a promise to myself from that moment that I would commit to documenting life as it unfolds not just for me, but for others. I don't want you to feel the way that I felt looking at my wedding photographs. My clients keep me inspired and they are a constant reminder of how much joy and work it takes to stay married to the love of your life.

I aim to provide you with a luxury experience that is also FUN. I never take myself too seriously  and love impromptu dance parties...even the day of your wedding. 

"My own wedding fueled me to create emotional photography."


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I am a New Orleans native and also a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, and shootist. My off days consist of one (sometimes all) of these things: family and friend time, pizza, wine, brunch, champagne and exploring. When I'm in busy season, I love wine nights in and hot bubble baths...along with pizza. I mean, is there ever a bad time for pizza? The Sicilian in me shows what can I say? 

I generally never take myself seriously and I just love making people laugh so much that their face hurts. I am a giver and it has been rewarding figuring out how to scale that back a bit so I am not stressed by others. Let's just say it has been a process. I love to be outside but not in an active outdoor (hunting, fishing, working out etc) type way...more like leisurely being outside. Think festivals, city walks, bar hopping, picnics and park visits.  The one thing that bugs me the most is when people don't pick up their grocery carts. 

"My off days consist of family time, pizza, and brunch."



I just LOVE weddings. They are glorious, but stressful, beautiful, full of emotion, and most importantly they symbolize two people promising to be a team forever. My main goal is to get to know you as a couple and really help create the ideal environment that will help you both be comfortable the day of your wedding so your love story can take center stage. I thrive on organic moments and love to capture them in a romantic way. I provide a luxury service while still remaining easily approachable. Just enough bougie to make you look and feel like a million dollars, but not so much bougie that you can't talk to me.
The good stuff y'all. 

This is such an important day for you, and your wedding should be represented in its truest most beautiful form. Trust me and we can make magic together.

"Why choose Theresa Elizabeth?
            Approachable Luxury."


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As much as I love this kick ass job of mine, being a wife and a mom is by far the best. I actually believe that welcoming our daughter into the world has helped me better balance my work/home life, which helps me better serve you.

My daughter Kerrington and I are pretty much best friends and I love watching her experience this crazy world first hand. I hope she is proud of me and realizes that hard work can be rewarding. I hope I teach her to follow her dreams, no matter how big they may seem. if you ever want to see the sass in real time, check out my instagram stories!

"Business Achievements Have Nothing on Personal Success"

I am a big planner, which shouldn't be a surprise since I am an accountant. Budgeting is a big deal for me, but that does not mean I penny-pinch. I need to save money to spend it on the fun things in life! Does shopping count as a hobby?  I have a weakness for jewelry, and I especially love to show off my Loren Hope jewels. I also love planning vacations. Being able to research the best places in a city for Jonathan and me (we're married BTW) to eat, shop, and explore, makes my Type-A heart sing!  Disney is a big deal in our house, and we love traveling to Disney destinations like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani Resort in Hawaii.  We are always ready to hang with Mickey! My knack for planning and organizing comes in handy when working for Theresa. I help her schedule social media posts, send emails to clients and vendors, and research new ways to streamline her workflow. I'm around to take care of administrative stuff so Theresa can focus on her photography.


media manager

Meet   Tiffany 


I am a high school science teacher, and a serial hobbyist. I love learning, so it's no surprise I have a pretty long list of skills I've tried to learn, and I've enjoyed the failures as much as the successes. Our house is covered in small pieces that I've made from paintings, drawings, and ceramics. I'm worse than a kid flying through a coloring book! Tiffany and I also like to cook together and host our friends. We go big for a party making sure we have enough games, food, and wine to have a great time! But don't expect me to stay up past 8:00 on a Friday—teacher life. I'm a creative person at heart and love to try out different ways to express myself. Working with Theresa has been a great way to express myself by designing albums and learning my way around a camera! Pictures are such a great way to capture important moments and even the small, beautiful aspects of daily life. 


Meet   Jonathan