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Journaling the Journey

New Orleans City Park Bridals

August 19, 2020

Jourdan’s romantic bridal session in the Botanical Gardens

New Orleans City Park Bridals in the fall are gorgeous. Jourdan’s bridals are proof! I can’t even believe how long I have been holding onto these. Thanks to our pandemic it feels like forever ago since we took these.

I am so grateful for clients that have been gracious, patient and loving with me during these strange times. I hope you all enjoy looking at all of the gorgeous photographs we took of Jourdan. She is a shining light and the world needs more people like her.

New Orleans City Park is one of my favorite places for Bridal Sessions because of the endless amounts of possibilities. The botanical gardens are always a great choice because you can always count on beautiful flowers being in bloom during any season.

Vendor Love:

Romantic Garden in City Park

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