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Journaling the Journey

Mid-City New Orleans Engagement Session – Jessica and Tyler

October 14, 2022

Whenever I meet with new clients, I am eager to get to know them and see if we connect enough to be able to thrive working together. When I met with Jessica and Tyler, I knew they were my jam. We connected over our love for our fur babies and happy hours. When we were planning their engagement session I had the perfect place for them to be able to happy hour with Sammy, their cute as hell fur baby. The Bulldog in Mid-City New Orleans was the perfectly location to start their engagement session. It is such a chill vibe and dog friendly so was a no brainer.

Sammy was the cutest and gave all the kisses and love to his mom and dad. We cackled hard over beers and because our comfort level was 100, they were completely natural and just enjoying the experience. This is my ultimate goal and what I really need couples to be able to do with me! I want it to be a hang out, not a stiff photo session.

After we finished up at the Bulldog, we headed over to New Orleans City Park where they had the most desolate pier overlooking a man made body of water that I would like to call a lake to sound fancy…but it is probably just a glorified canal. Either way, it was chef’s kiss! It was not over populated and even had hints of fall gleaming from the flowers on the trees. Shades of red and orange are something we don’t see too often in the deep south.

After dancing and playing around there, we headed across the street to play in a pile of dirt by the levee and it was amazing. Like, these two made a pile of dirt look like the cutest freaking hallmark movie you have ever seen. I am so pumped to photograph their wedding this weekend and can’t wait to dance my ass off with them at the reception.

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Mid-City New Orleans Engagement Session
How cute is Sammy? He’s like um hey can I taste that beer?
I swear The Bulldog in Mid-City New Orleans is the perfect dog friendly place for Engagement Sessions.
Mid-City New Orleans Engagement Session
Mid-City New Orleans Engagement Session
Mid-City New Orleans Engagement Session
Champagne popping at sunset
Sunset engagement session