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Journaling the Journey

Bridal Session at Longue Vue

March 16, 2020

Jenifer’s New Orleans Bridal Session

Longue Vue House and Gardens is such a perfect setting for a New Orleans bridal session. The lush landscapes paired with the architectural features of the historic mansion home seriously can’t be beat. It is just stunning! I really feel like we aren’t in New Orleans at all.

Jenifer’s bridal look was giving me mad Tuscan vibes. Her dress from XXX was super luxurious and felt rich. The texturing of the beading gave her dress a modern spin on a classic silhouette. The day of this session it had just rained and was humid as ever but she still served up the best looks.

When choosing a location for your bridal session I try to keep all of your details in mind. The design of your gown and the aesthetic of your venues are things that I use to come up with locations that will pair well with the overall feel of your wedding. I provide a list of great locations and select a few from the list that I think would fit your style better.

How do I know if I should schedule a bridal session? The million dollar question! Bridal sessions started as a southern thing, but I think this tradition could be beneficial to anyone getting married anywhere! This is a great time to see yourself all put together from head to toe and see how all the vendors and choices you made look put together. Consider it a dress rehearsal before the wedding. Not only do you get to wear that outfit you invested in more than once, but you get to make last minute tweaks and edits if anything isn’t up to par. I know what you are thinking…but I can just try it on and look in the mirror. TRUE DAT but, you want to see how it photographs too! You may think it fits perfectly and when you get the photographs back you may see that it could use a few more alterations to make sure things don’t shift around or bunch up in all the wrong places. The movement of your fit is important too and if you are just standing in a mirror (like at the dress shop) you don’t get to experience how it feels to walk, sit dance (yes, we dance at sessions haha!) etc. I honestly think it’s a great way to get the overall feel of exactly how you will look the day of your wedding. Contact me to chat more about your upcoming wedding or bridal session!

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Vendor List

Venue: Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans

Dress Salon: MaeMe Bridal

Dress Designer: Essense of Australia

Hair: Head Hunters Salon

Makeup: Makeup Meltdown

Rings: Kay Jewelers

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