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Journaling the Journey

Sara + Ryan McCann

November 20, 2019

An elegant international wedding in Cancun, Mexico

“A successful marriage require falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
-Mignon McLaughlin

This wise passage describes Sara and Ryan whole heartedly. Boy met girls and fell in love for the first time as friends. Then friends turned into more than they could ever imagine. They fell in love even further when they welcomed their sweet baby girl Mya into their lives. They day of their wedding, I got to personally witness them fall in love all over again as husband and wife. I have been knowing Sara and Ryan since college. We all had great times together back in the day and to be honest…it didn’t surprise me at all when they started dating. Ryan’s laid back but social personality meshed perfectly with Sara’s bubbly and caring spirit.
These two have some of the best friends as their support system and and it is not because they are outgoing…it is because they are two of the most genuine souls in the world. you can meet them for the first time and feel like you matter. they go above and beyond to help others and it just makes me proud to know them. Watching them raise their daughter is also one of the most remarkable experiences. The three of them have had to overcome great obstacles early on and I cannot even imagine how I would cope with them if it were me. They handled everything with grace, patience and determination. Their love and contact support for their baby girl shows by the milestones she is hitting with ease. I look up to both of them and they are constantly teaching me things that I can apply to my own daughters life.
I still remember talking to them about their destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico and thinking how can I be this lucky? My friends are not only inviting me into one of the most intimate moments of their lives, but they are trusting me to preserve it. I get teary eyed thinking about how great of a trip it was and how beautiful of a wedding it was. Their elegant destination wedding was perfect. Moon Palace Resort in Cancun not only is beautiful, but it has a chapel for Catholic services, which is great for traveling couples. The chapel was adorned with lilies and the atmosphere was filled with sounds of the ocean and glass walls to enjoy the view. The best moment was when Sara and her dad came around the corner in a horse and carriage, it was like a fairytale.

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Yvonne LaFleur Wedding Dresses from New Orleans LA in Mexico
Bride's Details in Mexico
Wedding Invitation Flat Lay
Bridal Prep photos of bridesmaids having fun in Mexico
The bride having fun with her daughter before the wedding in Mexico.
Bride holding wedding flowers in robe.
Bride consoling daughter.
Bride and parents in garden.
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wedding portraits on beach at sunset
wedding portraits on beach at sunset
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