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Lifestyle New Orleans Engagement Session

April 16, 2020

Katie and Aaron’s Lifestyle Uptown Engagement Session in New Orleans

Lifestyle Engagement Session in New Orleans

Katie and Aaron had a great lifestyle engagement session around uptown New Orleans. They were SO FUN! Uptown is such a GREAT area for photographs…and happy hours. The restaurants and bars on Magazine Street are always fun to visit during sessions because it keeps the atmosphere fun and not so serious.

We started their session at Audubon Park and literally caught the three days that leaves actually appeared to be fall colored to give them a wonderful New York Central Park vibe. Their wardrobe fit in beautifully with the landscape and their flirting was off the charts. We played with leaves and even sang a little bit as we strolled the walking path.

Couple Strolling through Audubon park

The next stop was Picnic Provisions and Whiskey on Magazine Street. I’ve always said Magazine Street is for lovers because of the historic buildings and small sidewalks that are perfect for strolling. Picnic is legit the best freaking atmosphere for relaxing and feeling comfortable. The space has a modern cape cod feel and the cocktails are the good good kind. After ordering a round of drinks and picking up the to-go picnic order (yes, they seriously will pack up a picnic for you and you can eat it on the go…stay tuned for that) we took a few shots of them sitting around the restaurant. Cornhole was played and laughs were had.

The last stop of their lifestyle engagement session was where they got engaged…one of New Orleans’ most iconic hang out spots, The Fly. It has incredible views of the River and is always full of families, lovebirds and friends gathering to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a perfect picnic spot too! We set up their amazing picnic of hot fried chicken, spinach dip and popped the champagne to celebrate an amazing session. Lifestyle engagement sessions are really where it’s at. It allows you to be comfortable with each other and even me! When you consider it hangout…it seems less stressful and agonizing. New Orleans is one of those cities that offers SO many different options for engagement session locations that it seems limitless. This is why I try to visit locations that have a meaning and essentially help you feel like it meshes with your lifestyle so you are at your most relaxed head space.

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