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Journaling the Journey

Christin + Ryan

January 16, 2020

A Winter Engagement Session at Longue Vue

It’s wedding week for one of my besties! Christin and I go way back…to embarrassingly awesome times in 2008 when we were young and carefree. We have had so many amazing days that turned into late nights. Now that we are older and more mature (swear it’s true) the one thing that hasn’t changed is her loyalty, ability to meet me to go shopping at a moments notice and always being ready to laugh hysterically together.

I still remember the phone call when she said….sooooo I met this guy Ryan and he’s totally cute and you have to meet him. At first my detective hat immediately went on and I was planning to ask him a trillion questions when I met him to make sure he was not going to hurt my girl. When we met up at Fulton Alley, I didn’t even ask ONE QUESTION that I had planned for weeks to drill him on. This guy is a unicorn, a needle in a haystack, the light at the end of the tunnel if you will for my girl.

He walked right into that place and acted like they have been a couple for forever. He made her laugh hysterically just like I do when we are together. I knew from that night neither one of them were ever dating anyone else. Ryan is timid but shares the same sense of humor as me…we are witty while also being dry AF sometimes. It is a talent, what can I say?!

Their Longue Vue Gardens engagement session in New Orleans was freaking awesome. We took our time and even popped bottles at the end. It is so exhilarating to work without fear or worry that I won’t represent my clients like they envisioned. Their whole session shows exactly how goofy and fun they are when they are together. There is a lot more to come from these two hotties and I can’t wait for Friday! Let’s do this y’all! It is time to be #finallykline or as Lil’ Jon would say #369finallykline haha!

Venue – Longue Vue House and Gardens